Author Readings

Would you like Linda to do a reading from Beach Glass: Finding New Beauty in What Survives the Storm? She will read from a chapter of her book and mingle with your group. With the pre-purchase of at least 35 books, Linda will come to your group for no charge (beyond travel expenses).

Transformative Talks

Would you like Linda to speak to your group? She is an engaging and entertaining speaker, who explores the beautiful symbolism of beach glass to uncover what it has to teach us. Its colors and shapes reflect its journey, just as the shape and color of your own life reflects yours. Which colors speak to where you currently are? The cobalt blue from a bottle of elixir, poured out long ago to heal others? Subtle lavender, hiding its true elements in the sunlight, revealed only in the dark? How about carnival orange, childlike and fizzy, Frank Sinatra’s favorite happy color? And shape: have you traveled vast latitudes to arrive where you are, like the flat beach glass chards, rounded at its edges? Maybe your journey is more like that of the “jelly bean” pieces, rounded from its time among the harder stones which ground it into this shape. Accompanied by beautiful photographic slides of beach glass, Linda explores themes like this with your group, leaving all with the knowledge that breaking is not the end, just a necessary transformative part of your process into new beauty.

Upcoming Events

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