Just like beach glass . . . 


that starts out as a bottle or a marble or a window, we start out fresh-scrubbed and new, with expectations and intentions set for our lives. But also like the glass objects that break in the storms that tumble them, our own expectations and intentions shatter, too, as life tumbles us.


At first the edges are sharp and jagged, dangerous to touch. But eventually these edges soften. When a piece of prized beach glass finally emerges to be found on the sand by the lucky collector, its original form is unrecognizable. Its rare beauty is new and different…not in spite of the breaking, but because of it. We too are formed new with time: more beautiful for having survived our own storms.


An artistic short jewel of a book, Beach Glass: Finding New Beauty in What Survives the Storm tells one woman’s three decades of stories of hunting precious beach glass, the shores where those hunts took place and the people who searched with her. Interspersed with hand-drawn ink depictions of the beaches she describes, the author paints pictures with her stories, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always contemplative reflections of life and love framed by the beauty of beach glass and the messages it shares with us.


Author’s Bio

Linda Haffner Binley has collected beach glass up and down the west coast of North America for more than three decades, from the San Juan Islands, to Laguna Beach, to the tip of Baja California, Mexico. She resides in Southern California.